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I've had an incredible life, I have an incredible life.  I've gathered profound wisdom and insight into navigating this human experience.  As I've walked this path of awakening I've let go of all labels as happens when one delves into the world of non-dual teachings.  I have been an ordained Hindu High Priestess for over 10 years and although I still am recognised as that, I in fact find the label limiting these days. The identity constructs organically evolve and dissolve which is quite abstract in our world, yet it is the very thing that leads us to liberation.
I am mastered in so many arenas of life not just spirituality.  I am highly skilled in health, nutrition and wellness.  My capacity to bring a holistic approach to my work and to address all areas of life for those that journey with me has made my guidance much saught after.  I am highly relatable as I live the life of a householder.  I have 3 children, 2 adults and 1 tweenager.  I have created many businesses in my life and am incredibly creative.  I have my own oracle cards, have had lines of jewelry, clothing and health products.  I am an international speaker and have graced many world stages.  I am a modern woman with much ancient wisdom living an unimaginable life that I cherish and I drip with eternal gratitude.



I offer one off calls $188 AUD
Book a call.


A 3, 6 month or a 12 month container
Can start anytime......

This container is ultimately created and curated for the individual,
a way to support you navigating life during these times, one on one situation.
This will be the most unimaginable time of your life.

  1.  3 month container which involves 13 Weekly Calls and unlimited messenger access to me. 
    Personalized program and movement and life guidance.

    $4444 AUD

  2. 1 month container which involves 5 Weekly Calls and unlimited messenger access to me. 
    Personalized program and movement and life guidance.

    $1888 AUD

  3. 6 month container of 6 monthly Calls and unlimited messenger access to me.
    Personalized program and movement and life guidance. 

    $2222 AUD


Bali One on One Immersions

Come spend one on one time with me in a sacred container. 
Tailor structured around your needs and desires. 
You arrive in Bali and meet for an all inclusive time together. 
All your accommodation, food~health protocols, movement and outings. 
Including temple purification and daily soul counsel, working on what's present for you and
moving forward and finding sustainability in your life going home.

We have an initial call to work out what you want to work on, how long you would like to stay,
lock in your dates and create a framework for your Immersion.

3, 5 and 7 Day Immersions available.
! day curated experiences available.

I have an Indonesian Foreign Investment company which allows me to work in Indonesia
and live as a resident under my company PT. Evolution Atma Raja.


Health and Wellness

I started my health and wellness journey fasting and detoxing for spiritual purposes early in my journey.  Which turned to a necessity during a health crisis with my heart.  I was called a miracle healer by a team of cardiologists in India at the time.

For many years I ran group cleanse programs using the techniques I used and changed so many lives and health stories.  Healing life long disease and even getting a few women pregnant who were told they would never have children.  Countless women off medication and anti-depressants.

When I started getting hardcore perimenopause symptoms I gained unexplainable weight, had raging hormones, hot flushes, extreme hair loss, frozen shoulder and aching bones, lack of sleep and a myriad of other symptoms.  I threw myself into a 3 year educational journey.  That I perfected all the best parts of my trainings.  My only hope at the time was to balance my hormones but I ended up losing to my absolute shock, 29kg.  Balanced my hormones, ceased all symptoms and turned into an outrageously healthy crazy fit 50 year old transitioning from perimenopause to menopause.  This did not go unnoticed by many and I was asked 'how?'.  So I created a program called I Love Menopause and shared my wisdom and created a formula that any woman from 40 to 60+ could follow and have had a vast amount of women have incredible results.  The website has a 1 hour masterclass I held in 2023 in it that is full of information and the program is self guided and includes 14 days of emails with all sorts of insight and guidance.  I can also provide a hand-held one on one offering aswell.  All details can be found at www.ilovemenopause.com


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